RonaPortlandPicture300dpiAs a brand strategist and consultant, I have worked with a range of corporate clients, small businesses, spa and beauty brands as well as marketing and branding agencies. The same strengths that make a good editor–trendspotting, forecasting, telling stories, brainstorming, working collaboratively with a team, capturing and conveying ideas visually and verbally–cross over to the creative side of brand strategy and consulting. Here are some highlights.


FLETCHER KNIGHT, INC., Branding Consultant, 2014-2015
Created three-part online market research series resulting in the highest response rate on the website. Consulted for brainstorming sessions, tasked with providing perspective and insight on trends in the beauty/spa/wellness and sensorial world.

UNDER A TREE HEALTH & WELLNESS CONSULTING, Creative Concept Consultant, 2006-2007
Worked with renowned spa consultant and founder, Amy McDonald, to contribute to spa concept formulation, program and menu development, signature spa treatment and program development for a wellness-based, sustainable spa consultancy that specializes in the conceptualization and creation of holistic, environmentally conscious resort spas and wellness facilities.

Copywriter/Consultant, 2004-2009 Corporate clients included Neiman Marcus’ the book, Chic Simple, OSEA Skincare, Naturopathica, Levis, Dockers, Babystyle, Creative Media Marketing Public Relations, ZO SkinHealth