About Rona

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In addition to her bona fides as a digital content creator, writer and editorial director, Rona also has a track record as a spa and wellness expert, clean beauty leader, and travel expert.

She has visited and written about hundreds, if not thousands, of spas around the globe, and has one major pet peeve: Plastic straws make her crazy, especially when she is covering a story at a luxurious oceanside resort, and is served a drink with a plastic straw! C’mon, people: the ocean–and the fish, turtles, sea creatures–is right there, connect the dots! How can you enjoy that view when you’re sucking on a plastic straw and you know where it will end up? OK, that’s enough, but you get it.

Industry Insider

Rona is active on nonprofits, having spent nine years as Co-Chair of the Personal Care Committee and Advisory Board for Green Spa Network. In 2019, she will join the Green Spa Network Board. Rona spoke at the first Global Wellness Day in Sapanca, Turkey, and has worked to support Global Wellness Day ever since. Rona sits on the Advisory Board of SHAPE Magazine, for her expertise in health and wellness.

For the past two years, Rona has been a judge for American Spa magazine’s Women in Wellness Awards. She was on the advisory boards of Deborah Szekely’s PolicyWell.com and WellnessWarrior.org; a Judge for Global Wellness Summit Travel Awards; recipient of Green Spa Network 2015 Tara Grodjesk Dedicated Contributor Award and oversees Organic Spa magazine’s Top 10 Organic Spa Media Awards.

Clean Beauty & Environmental Leader

Rona is a leader in the clean beauty movement, and, according to a recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine: “…is also the story of an individual entrepreneur like Rona Berg, editor-in-chief of Organic Spa magazine and a beauty expert since the ’90s, when she was the deputy lifestyle editor and beauty columnist for the New York Times. Since that time, she’s been leading the charge for clean beauty.”

Rona wrote the first piece about toxic hair and nail salons over 20 years ago, for the New York Times magazine.

Rona writes about, speaks and gives voice to environmental issues; she is active in the movement to reduce plastic pollution and conserve water.

Please contact her directly at ronaberg at gmail.com